About Us

St. Giles Presbyterian Church is an active congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and a member of Foothills Presbytery.

Our Church’s Mission & Vision


To embrace compassionately the diversity that exists within and beyond our congregation, being openly receptive to new ideas and challenges. To nurture and support encouragingly each other’s faith journey, through biblically-grounded worship, Christian Education, outreach ministries, and other programs that glorify God and exemplify the Great Ends of the Church. To serve unconditionally our community and church, demonstrating our love for Christ as faithful stewards and servants who share and utilize all of our gifts and resources for the common good. To respond enthusiastically to the multiple needs of a changing society by reaching out to all people, providing opportunities to each person to seek and to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In short, to:

  • Embrace Compassionately
  • Nurture Faith
  • Serve Unconditionally
  • Respond Enthusiastically


St. Giles Presbyterian Church is committed to glorifying God by reaching out in service to one another and the world as a beacon of the hope and salvation of Christ.

Internally we embrace this through youth programming, Christian education, fellowship, congregational care, and worshiping God. We are a mission-based church that exemplifies our vision statement by actively embracing the spirit of Christ while we serve our community, church, and mission partners. Our local and extended mission partners include Triune Mercy Center, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Habitat for Humanity, United Ministries, our sister church Mattoon Presbyterian, and many other local charities. Globally, we connect with others through the PCUSA charities and our youth mission partners, which include Government Street Presbyterian (Mobile, AL), Church of the Pilgrim (Washington, DC), B’Decan Presbyterian (Spirit Lake, ND), Riverside Presbyterian (Jacksonville, FL), and Myers Park Presbyterian (Charlotte, NC).


A Brief History of St. Giles Presbyterian Church

The Enoree Presbytery responded to growth in Eastside Greenville by purchasing sixteen acres of land in 1965.  In 1972 a survey confirmed the need of the Eastside area for a Presbyterian congregation to provide sustenance, support and opportunities for Christian service. Services began at Eastside High School in 1972.  Dr. Tom Reeves was Interim Minister.  The name, St. Giles Presbyterian Church, was selected in November 1972. On May 6 1973, a Commission of the Enoree Presbytery officially organized the congregation.  Reverend John C. Livingston presided at the 3:00 p.m. ceremony for the sixty-seven charter members.  Dr. Alf Graham Taylor accepted the call as the first minister and assumed his post June 1, 1973.  Services continued at Eastside High School until the all purpose Church Building (our current “Youth Building/Fellowship Hall”) was completed at our current location on Hudson Road in March 1974.

In April 1987 Dr. Alf Taylor retired. Dr. George G. Wilkes, III, served from 1988 to 1995. Dr. Paul David Wadsworth served from 1997 to 2002. Rev. Matt Matthews began his service here in 2004. Drs. Doug Cushing and Wain Wesberry have served as associate pastors in the past, and Rev. TJ Remaley began his service as associate pastor in 2014. Rev. Jan Culpepper served as a seminary intern, and Revs. Roland Slater, Steve Price, and Rachel Matthews have served as parish associates. Drs. Bob Taylor, Bob Lawrence, and John Wilkerson have served at various times as interim pastors. These, other ministers and ministers-to-be, as well as other gifted staff have been faithful leaders and friends in ministry.

We take seriously Jesus’ call for us to clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, and feed the hungry. The form our response takes is as varied as the saints who make up our church community. Mission takes the form of everything from Blood Connection blood drives and the Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network, to various kinds of partnering with Triune Mercy Center and United Ministries. We support Foothills Presbytery with monetary gifts and volunteers who serve on ministry teams. We try to put our money where our mouth is, and both as a church and individual members of it we are trying to become “Christian philanthropists” with our time, talent, and money. Our youth do two mission trips a year beyond Greenville, and are engaged locally with our sister church at Mattoon Presbyterian on their “Community Day” lunch ministry. Our ample campus has housed church mission teams from Virginia, The College of New Jersey, and Kentucky needing a place to stay on their way to and from points along the Gulf after the ravages of Hurricane Katrina.

At the close of worship each Sunday, bookending our benediction, we ask ourselves a question and make an affirmation. The question is Micah’s: What does the Lord require of you, but to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God? The affirmation is this: God is good. All the time.