St. Giles Presbyterian Preschool

Established 1977

St. Giles Preschool is a small, family-oriented school. With two teachers in every classroom, we are able to provide a nurturing setting where families feel comfortable leaving their children. Nurturing is what teaching is all about. We nurture children as they grow in their ability to manage their behavior, develop language, interact with friends and teachers, as well as grow in their academic skills. St. Giles Preschool is a diverse school with students attending from many different countries. We are conveniently located at the corner of Hudson Road and Devenger Road, with easy access to both I-385 and I-85.”

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Our preschoolers created a biblical storytelling video to share a scripture passage during the 2016 Children’s Sabbath worship service!

St Giles Preschool: Matthew 18:1-5 from TJ Remaley on Vimeo.