Worshiping as a Family


“Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them…” (Mt 19:14)

Worship is a response of celebration to God’s mighty acts through the history of God’s people, the beauty of creation, and particularly through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When we gather in worship we come together to encounter Christ and to watch together for God’s presence in our lives. When we worship God, we are reminded that we belong to God’s love.

Children learn to worship by seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling the sanctuary as a place of welcome and worship; by watching how the adults in their lives participate in worship; and by sharing prayers, communion, and even worship leadership alongside adults. In other words, children learn to worship by being taught that they have an important place in the community of the church!

That doesn’t mean it’s easy for parents to worship with their children. Sometimes, it’s downright difficult!  Even so, it’s a blessing and a privilege to be able to walk with children as their faith is nurtured, and chances are – the faith of parents is strengthened and nourished in the process.

Below are a variety of helpful tips and resources we’ve compiled to help families (and the congregation!) to worship with our youngest generations.

“Worship is a Time for Family!” Brochure – (this brochure is also available in every pew)

Worshiping with Children: Praying

Worshiping with Children: Singing

Worshiping with Children: Worship Service